BSCI Audit Requirements । বি.এস.সি.আই অডিট

BSCI Audit Requirements for Garments Industry

BSCI Audit Requirements for Garments Industry

  1. Complaint mechanism (Grievance policy + Register Cover Page+ Last current page)
  2. Official documents like; Factory license, trade license, Fire License, and incorporation certificate.
  3. Documentation of all training to workers (Last Conducted-Fire drill record, firefighting training, first aid training, and PPE training). Training Agenda+ Attendance + Picture
  4. Documentation of any infringements (Disciplinary action policy)
  5. Documentation of responsibilities in the company on senior management (Management Representative - Office order for a responsible person to implement BSCI COC)
  6. Documentation on All Benefits (One Maternity personal file- Appointment letter+ 03 Months’ Salary & Job Card+ Payment Calculation+ Payment voucher)
  7. Minimum wage policy: Documentation of the legal minimum wages.
  8. Documented record of the accidents (Accident register- Register Cover Page+ Last current page)
  9. Documented risk assessment (Risk assessment- All section)
  10. Employment contracts (One Security guard personal file- (Appointment Letter + Job Responsibility + NID)
  11. Environmental procedures (Environment policy and wastage policy)
  12. Group insurance certificate.
  13. Inspection Reports Concerning Health (Air emission, noise, temperature, light test Report)
  14. Inspection Report of Firefighting Equipment's (One fire extinguisher check card)
  15. Inspection reports on water portability (Drinking water test report)
  16. Inspection reports dangerous machines (Daily checklist of Boiler and generator- Cover Page+ Current page) Last Two days
  17. List of the valid certificate (BGMEA/BKMEA Membership certificate)
  18. Competency certificate and Appointment letter of Doctor and Nurse
  19. Minutes of Meetings (Participation committee last meeting & minutes.)
  20. Payslips (Two pay Slip copy)
  21. Personal Data File (One worker personal File + Appointment Letter + Age Verification + NID + Increment Letter)
  22. Qualification proof (Appointment letter & Competency certificate of one Boiler operator and one Electrician)
  23. Record of receipt (MSDS 02 Copy)
  24. Anti-corruption Policy, Harassment policy, Discrimination policy and others Social Policy
  25. Valid business licenses (Fire license, Generator Permission, Boiler License, and Environmental Clearance Certificate.)
  26. Working Rules in written form (Working hour policy)

প্রাইমার্ক বায়ার অডিট রিকোয়ারমেন্ট জানতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন।

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